The Perfect Success Award Plaques With One-of-a-kind as well as Sculptural Layouts

"And the award for the very best supporting actress goes to…". As the program host glibly intoned these words, I reduced a yawn. I was seeing the Golden Globe awards ceremony, but NOT finding it terribly interesting. After all, there is a plethora of awards, the Oscars, the Tony's the SAG's, not to point out the Grammys and the Emmys, etc, etc. These shows are getting quite routine. They reveal the very same people over and over. You get to see a few lovely or handsome faces, plus a few good looking clothing, however that's all. No drama, no humor, no excitement.

You understand, for a democratic country, we have too much hero worship. You would believe, from the method we admire or praise celebs, that we were a feudal society, worshipping the chief of the clan or town. A number of these celebrities, while mastering their field, are extremely imbalanced characters, often exhibiting anti-social or self damaging habits. This is apparent from the variety of celebrities that remain in rehabilitation or drug clinics. So they are not truly deserving of adulation. In any case a fascination with quality or fame is unhealthy; it separates us from day to day life and from the gratitude of typical satisfaction.

So I got to believing, (yes, I do that often), should we not have awards for the worst efficiencies in everything? After all, mediocrity is far more common than excellence, and in a democratic sense, why need to only the outperformers have all the enjoyable; the underperformers must likewise have their day in the sun. That would be a celebration of real life, rather than of some inaccessible suitable. In my viewpoint, the "worstest" (exists such a word?) performers in every field are simply as special as the "bestest". Besides, this type of award would be far more enjoyable. In the American Idol, for instance, the initial selection process, including the worst singers is far more fun than the later rounds. Commemorating the buffoons is better than worshipping the "Idols".

For starters, I would like to see a "Nerve" award. Originated from the Yiddish language, Nerve is a word that implies effrontery, impudence, and straight-out gall. The traditional definition (by Leo Rosten) is: "that quality preserved in a man who, having actually killed his mother and dad, tosses himself on the mercy of the court due to the fact that he is an orphan." Between our political leaders and Wall Street huge wigs, we can easily find many, lots of deserving candidates for these awards.

How about the exceptional Nerve of a State Guv who tries to offer an uninhabited Senate seat for money? When exposed, he brazenly proclaims his innocence and mounts a media blitz, offering interviews to all the news channels. He would quickly get my nomination.

A worthy rival would be another State Governor, who arranged trysts with a 5 star call lady in Washington D.C. This was a male known for his probity, had been prosecuting numerous financial firms for their misdemeanors. He had actually most likely not heard the saying that individuals who reside in glass houses need to not toss stones, and he needs to have made numerous enemies in his earlier days.

Still another would be a former President, whose shenanigans in the White House oral workplace (oops, I indicated Oval Office) almost caused his impeachment, but who somehow got away.

Let us not forget the Wall Street executive who lost $15 billion for his company and then requested a 30 million dollar perk, declaring that, if not for his efforts, the loss would have been much higher. He then continued to spend over a million dollars to remodel his workplace. We might likewise commemorate the Fortune 500 bank that accepted a government bailout and after that tried to send hundreds of it's' staff members on a two week junket to Las Vegas, till public outrage forced it to cancel its' plans.

Anyhow, you get the picture; there is no scarcity of "deserving" candidates for the Chutzpah awards. However, it is quite possible, or even most likely, that these distinguished individuals may not discover time, or be too "modest" to go to the award ceremony. No issue, there are a lot of experienced impersonators who could be worked with to walk up to the phase on their behalf.


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